My work uses interactive media to explore the relationship between our individual intrinsic need for validation and our collective need to know we are not alone. Balancing the themes of sacred mystery and scientific inquiry, I challenge and seduce my audience to join the adventure of asking, “What if I could…?”

I address our role in manifesting our realities, focusing on the ability to take our dreams and turn them into actions that change the world. I investigate healing our core wounding as a gate to micro-macro physiology of peace, compassion, and cohesion. What if we realized on a global scale, how much power lies within us than we have been taught to believe? How might our generational stories change, and how can we change our lives to enact a story of global unity for generations to come?  Through the process of witnessing and sharing personal truth, we can heal the deepest pains and sufferings within ourselves. As we do this individually, our perception of the world changes; as we do this collectively, our consensus reality shifts.

Dream.Shift.Inspire. is the current documentary film and therapeutic research I am producing to explore if there is a through line of what we are most needing to know, from ourselves as a collective.   With the delicacy and patience of an archaeologist, I excavate the layered hidden motivations in our culture, exposing the artifacts of false belief that have brought our species to the brink of self-extinction. Perhaps together, we can save the world.