Autoethnographic Research Documentary
Founder, Director, Writer, Producer, Researcher

Dream.Shift.Inspire. is the current documentary film and longitudinal research I have been producing since 2012. My work explores the connection between what we are most needing to know of ourselves as a collective. With the delicacy and patience of an archaeologist, I'm excavating the layered hidden motivations in our culture, exposing the artifacts of false belief that have brought our species to the brink of self-extinction. Perhaps together, we can save the world.

This story began as a call to adventure. 

The story of one initiate's call to transmute or die.

What began as the realization of a childhood dream to Egypt,

Realized as the golden ticket to sacred initiation. 

Do you have the depth of heart to live your purpose to its fullest expression? 

To what depths are you willing to unearth to transmute?

Will you rise from the ashes as the phoenix transformed?

What truths will you bring back from the depths to inspire?

From the end of the Mayan calendar into a new transformative era

This is our generation's call to transform or die. 

Hear Our Heroes

Artists, Explorers, Dream Makers

Aligning our ability to take our dreams and turn them into actions that change the world. 



The Do Lab Scholarship Recipient

The Great Convergence Egypt  


Santa Cruz Regional Burning Man

Art Grant Recipient


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