Aliss Wang is an Artist, Filmmaker, Coach, Social Activist, and a Masters of Arts candidate of the Integral Counseling Psychology program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Wang’s work is informed by her life as a young immigrant from Taiwan to becoming a graduate of UC Riverside in English and Business Administration, to studies at Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). Her professional experience spans across California, Taiwan, China, England, Germany, and Costa Rica across business development and marketing of consumer technology manufacturing and audio IP licensing, hospitality, television news, film production, and in mindful festival space as a guardian in security and medical first responder.

As a survivor of traumatic brain injury from a head fall in 2009, Wang’s self healing informs her artistic expression through exploring debilitating fears of losing one’s mind to existential isolation, propelling through dark nights of the soul to reveal the deepest love, healing, and integration between mind, body, and soul that she believes is possible for every single being. Wang’s work is an invitation to gaze into our most humble and revelatory moment where all pretense is stripped, and see our truest selves, gifting the deepest knowing of what Love is.

Wang’s current documentary work, Dream.Shift.Inspire., explores “the hero’s journey” and our ability to take our dreams and turn them into actions that change the world. This body of work continues as a longitudinal research to support the complex matrix that is the fabric of humanity.