Aliss Wang is an Artist, Filmmaker, Transitions Coach, and Researcher in the San Francisco Bay Area, with roots in Los Angeles, Taiwan, and China. She curates experiences of the mind, body, and spirit experiencing itself. Her work is informed by a lifelong spiritual search to transmute pain and suffering, and quantum leap into inspired and empowered living for realizing our greatest individual and collective possibility of peaceful and harmonious relations with each other and our world.

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My work uses interactive media to explore the relationship between human need and human endeavor, connecting our collective need for safety and survival to innate personal desire of living out loud our greatest dreams, and leaving a positive mark in the history of time. Balancing the themes of sacred mystery and scientific inquiry, I challenge and seduce my audience to join the adventure of asking “What If I Could…?”

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As the recipient of the 2012 Do Lab Great Convergence Egypt Scholarship and the 2016 Santa Cruz Burning Man Regional Art Grant for her documentary project, "Dream.Shift.Inspire.", Aliss is dedicated to initiatory research that explores the connectivity between experimentation of self actualization practices across time and space, and the manifestation of spontaneous self healing.

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Wang’s current work Dream.Shift.Inspire., explores Joseph Campbell's "hero’s journey” and our ability to take our dreams and turn them into actions that change the world. This body of work also supports a longitudinal research uncovering the greatest needs of the human condition.

What began from a series of dreams as a young child was finally realized in the most uncertain times for the artist in 2012, supported by The Do Lab and The Great Convergence Scholarship into Egypt for the turn of the times, end of the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012 and the beginning of a new period for humanity. The journey is one of many journeys to Egypt at that time, whose stories continue to unfold and teach us five years later.

Shadows of self and bird emerging from flames


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